Founded in 2008, the mission of To protect the infrastructure systems against aging and structural malfunction Resensys will offer a cost effective and scalable solution for the real time monitoring of important structural state quantities such as stress, strain, fatigue cracks, vibration, etc. Resensys’s solution is based on patent pending Active RF Test (ART) technology, which incorporates novel sensing, energy harvesting, and wireless communication technologies into a flexible, wireless, and batteryless sensor.



  1. UMD Business Plan Competition winner (May 2008)
  2. SAIC VentureAccelerator Award (Feb. 2009)
  3. Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) MMRDI Award (Nov. 2009)
  4. Recipient of highly competitive NSF SBIR awards (Phase I and II, 2010-2011)
  5. Vodafone Wireless Innovation Project (ranked 4th in national completion, April 2010)