Resensys was founded in 2008 with the mission of protecting infrastructure systems against aging, deterioration, and collapse. For this purpose, Resensys offers a range of structural monitoring solutions based on its award winning ultra low power wireless sensor network technology, known as SenSpot™. Resensys wireless SenSpot sensors provide a versatile platform for remote monitoring of structures on a wide range of structural quantities; examples include strain (stress), vibration, tilt, inclination, temperature, humidity, and acoustic emission events. Having monitored all these important structural quantities in real time, SenSpot sensors provide reliable tools to measure overstrain, metal fatigue, formation of cracks, movement and stability of foundation, as well as monitoring vibration and performing modal analysis. Currently, Resensys’s SenSpots are the world’s most energy efficient wireless monitoring sensors and a SenSpot sensor provides a minimum of 10 years of monitoring using a small ½-AA battery.


  1. UMD Business Plan Competition winner (May 2008)
  2. SAIC VentureAccelerator Award (Feb. 2009)
  3. Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) MMRDI Award (Nov. 2009)
  4. Recipient of highly competitive NSF SBIR awards (Phase I and II, 2010-2011)
  5. Vodafone Wireless Innovation Project (ranked 4th in national completion, April 2010)