Monitoring Bridge Bearings using Resensys Wireless Tilt SenSpot Sensors

Temperature variation causes a bridge deck and superstructure to expand and contract. Bearings are designed to accommodate the resulting thermal movements. In case that the accommodation is not performed properly a large amount of strain (stress) will be accumulated in bridge structural elements and in particular, in the girders and support beams. Accumulated stress as a result of malfunctioning bearings can result in damage in the form of fatigue cracks in steel and major damage or cracks in bridge piers and abutments. Resensys sensors provide accurate information about tilt, temperature and strain on bridge bearings; using the system can detect instances where the bearings are partially or completely frozen.

Resensys wireless self-adhesive tilt and strain gauge sensors

Wireless SenSpot sensor is a versatile sensing and wireless communication platform for long term structural health monitoring; SenSpot sensors are capable of monitoring strain, vibration, tilt, inclination, displacement, temperature, and humidity. Tilt SenSpots are suitable for monitoring the operation of bridge bearings by measuring tilt with accuracy to a tenth of a degree. Using this technology, thermal movements of the bridge can be tracked and problems are detected in an early stage, before they become a major issue and lead to safety compromise and/or road closure.

Resensys wireless structural monitoring system solution for monitoring strain (stress) and tilt on bridges

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