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Resensys LLC at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 96th Annual Meeting

Resensys LLC will be exhibiting at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 96th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Drop by Exhibit hall booth #1337 to visit our live products and breakthrough technology and share our.... Read more...

Resensys Strain Monitoring System on SR-16 Clay County Culvert Florida

On November 21st 2016, a Resensys structural health monitoring system was deployed on SR-16 Clay County Culvert. The system consists of 4 high rate strain SenSpot sensors and one SeniMax data logger and remote communication gateways..... Read more...

09/19/2016 Resensys Wireless Bridge Monitoring for Fracture Critical Bridges at 2016 Northeast Bridge Preservation Partnership (NEBPP – 2016)

In September 2016, Resensys wireless technology for monitoring fracture critical bridges was presented at the Northeast Bridge Preservation Partnership (NEBPP).Resensys offers wireless remote monitoring using SenSpot sensors which for concurrently monitoring strain, temperature, and inclination on structural members of fracture critical bridges.... Read more...

08/20/2016 Resensys Wireless SenSpot Sensors for Fracture Critical Bridges

Resensys wireless technology featured in Bridge Design & Engineering magazine in August 2016. Resensys technology offers easy-to-install wireless devices for long-term monitoring of fracture-critical bridges... Read more...

08/09/2016 Resensys Revisits Gold Star Bridge in Connecticut for More Sensors and Truck Testing

Resensys travels to New London Connecticut once again to install 8 more Wireless Strain Sensors to the Gold Star Memorial Bridge. On top of installing sensors, they also conduct a truck test to collect results on the effects of a truck... Read more...

06/22/2016 Resensys Demos How Their Strain and Vibration SenSpots Work with Super Cool Model Truck Test

Resensys put together a model bridge with High-Rate Strain and Vibration SenSpots. In a short video, the functionality of the SenSpots and SenScope software is helpful in monitoring bridges and preventing structural defects from causing problems with speed and precision. Read more... Watch the video here.

12/08/2015: Resensys Receives New Project to Monitor Tilt and Strain of Connecticut's Largest Structure

On the winter morning of December 8th, 2015, Resensys was brought to New London, Connecticut along with a team of AI Engineers to deploy the Resensys Health Monitoring System on the Gold Star Memorial Bridge. Read more...

12/08/2015: Resensys High-Rate Strain SenSpot Sensors Deployed on Robert O Norris Bridge in White Stone, Virginia

Resensys was tasked by the Virginia Department of Transportation to the Robert O Norris Bridge in White Stone, Virginia. Robert O Norris Bridge spans nearly 10,000 feet and carries over 11,000 vehicles over Rappahannock River every day. Read more...

\ 10/07/2015 Resensys Wireless Bridge Monitoring Technology Featured in National Science Foundation (NSF) Science 360 News

Resensys was in the center of national attention once again. This time, Resensys SenSpot sensors were featured in highly prestigious National Science Foundation Science 360 News. Read more...

09/22/2015 Resensys SenSpot Sensors for load-rating of Route 12 bridge over Mill Brooke in Connecticut

A team of AI Engineers were tasked with the Resensys team by the Connecticut Department of Transportation to install multiple SenSpot High Rate Strain Sensors on the nearly century-old bridge on Route 12 running over Mill Brooke in Plainfield, Connecticut. Read more...

09/16/2015 Resensys Wireless Monitoring System Deployed on US 50, Maryland

Resensys structural health monitoring system was installed on another major bridge in Maryland over US 50. A cluster of 8 strain and 8 tilt SenSpot sensors are monitoring the functions of 8 flanges and bearings on the bridge. Read more...

08/27/2015 Resensys Wireless Monitoring System Deployed on US 29, Maryland

The system installed consists of 8 tilt and 8 strain SenSpot sensors and one SeniMax data logger and remote communication gateway. The main purpose of the instillation is to monitor operation of the bridge bearings as well as monitoring strain in the bridge's steel girders. Read more...

07/15/2015 Resensys Wireless Monitoring System Deployed on Joppa Road, Maryland

Resensys went out on a warm summer morning to deploy a structural health monitoring system on a bridge on Joppa Road, Maryland. The system consists of tilt and strain SenSpot sensors with the main purpose of monitoring the operations of the bridge bearings as well as the amount of stress in the bridge's flanges. Read more...

06/08/2015 Resensys at International Bridge Conference (IBC) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

On the weekend of the 8th of June, Resensys held an exhibit at the International Bridge Conference (IBC) at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. There they demonstrated their award winning wireless SenSpot sensors with their breakthrough technology. Read more...

04/2015 Resensys Technology Featured in a National Science Foundation (NSF) Video

The National Science Foundation (NSF) released a video featuring Resensys wireless technology for long term monitoring of highway bridges. The video reviews a history of Resensys and how the technology evolved from pure research funded by NSF into a technology responding to one of the biggest societal challenges of the 21st century: the aging of infrastructure systems. Read more...

08/30/2014: Bridge-Saving Sensors Eliminate Infrastructure Deficiency

The Wireless Design & Development (WDD) magazine has published an article regarding wireless technologies which can save the bridges and infrastructure at a very low cost. The authors reports that "With America’s bridge infrastructure rapidly deteriorating, wireless sensor solutions provide low cost remote damage detection and on-going health monitoring." To read the article refer to here or download the article.

08/28/2014: NSF Grant for Resensys to Build Network of Tiny Robots for Bridge Inspection

Resensys team will collaboration with Maryland Robotics Center in this three-year, $850K grant as a part of NSF's National Robotics Initiative. In this new research, a self-organizing network of small robots will be created that could aid in visually inspecting bridges and other large civilian infrastructure. As they create the network, the researchers will establish new design and performance analysis principles and technologies. here. download.

07/09/2013 Resensys features at EE Times magazine: MEMS Sensors Secure Structures

Injuries from collapsing bridges, buildings, and other structures can often be prevented with high performance wireless micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors and smart monitoring software, according to Resensys LLC. here. download.

07/09/2013 The Wall Street Journal: Resensys' Technology for Monitoring Bridge and Building

Structural monitoring of bridge and building is made easy with Resensys LLC's real-time, comprehensive, wireless, low-cost and low-maintenance structural health detection system. here. download.

07/09/2013 Reuters: Resensys' Technology for Monitoring Bridge and Building Structures

Nearly six years following the bridge incident in Minneapolis, structures keep failing, including the I-5 bridge in Washington and buildings in both Philadelphia and Bangladesh. here. download.

12/11/2012: Wireless Sensors Can Broadcast Alerts on Failing Bridges

Engineer-developed smart sensors for structural health monitoring. Watch the video from "Inside Science TV". here. video.

8/9/2012: Researchers hope new bridge sensors will prevent structural problems

University researchers are developing new wireless technology that would warn of structural problems. here. download.

11/1/2011: A new article is published in NACE International journal about Resensys revolutionary technology

For many people in the United States, driving over one or more highway bridges is part of their daily commute. download.

10/31/2011: Collaboration with Metro Testing Laboratories

Resensys has declared Metro Testing Laboratories as its exclusive distributor in Canada.  

8/1/2011: Md. researcher's bridge sensors aim to prevent tragedy

A local researcher is trying to make sure that structures are safe agaist aging and malfunction by monitoring them. As he takes the wrapping off one of his small, wireless bridge sensors in his University of Maryland lab office, Mehdi Kalantari's face lights up. here. download.

8/1/2011: Sensors to avert 'carmaggedons'

The much-hyped 'carmageddon' predicted last month for Los Angeles never materialized when a stretch of highway was closed to allow a bridge demolition ... here. download.

8/1/2011: Safety Experiment on Beltway Bridge

A University of Maryland electrical engineer has developed sensors to monitor the stress on area bridges and relay the information wirelessly. here.

7/30/2011: UMD Researchers Develop New Wireless Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring

A researcher, Mehdi Kalantari, who is an electrical engineer working at the University of Maryland (UMD) has developed a new and economical early warning system, which can be used for reducing the operational cost and maintenance of structures. "Immediacy, low cost, low energy ... add up to a revolution in bridge safety and monitoring," Kalantari says. This wireless technology could help to better maintain the structures such as bridges against aging. here. download.

6/27/2011: Resensys uses RFaxis/RFeIC™ for the front-end of the products

RFaxis, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company which focuses on innovative, next-generation RF solutions for the wireless connectivity and cellular mobility markets, announced that its RFX2401 single-chip/single-die RF Front-End Integrated Circuits (RFeIC™) for 2.4GHz ZigBee/ISM applications has been selected by Resensys LLC for their revolutionary wireless structural health monitor system that measures in real time load, temperature, vibration and mechanical shift for civil and mechanical structures. This wireless sensor is enabled by the RFaxis RFX2401 RFeIC™ and the Texas Instruments (TI) CC2530 2.4GHz System-on-Chip (SoC) for IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee/ISM. here. download.

10/07/2010: Resensys on FOX5 TV report

Resensys sensor featured in FOX5 TV channel on 7 Oct 2010. The news item mentions that Resensys, is testing a bridge sensor that's smaller than a credit card. It's basically a small sticker that measures load, temperature, vibration, and movements like shifting. here. download. video.

08/16/2010: Resensys featured on Baltimore Sun

Resensys remote sensing technology featured in Baltimore Sun. here. download.

04/15/2010: Wireless GreenPatch received the 4th position award from Vodafone Americas Foundation

Wireless GreenPatch received the 4th (honorable mention) position award among more than 100 contestants from the US universities and organizations of Vodafone Wireless Innovation Project sponsored by Vodafone Americas Foundation. here.

01/15/2009: Resensys receives SAIC Venture Accelerator award

Resensys develops self-powered, wireless, distributed sensors for monitoring structures such as bridges, buildings, and pipelines. Its patent-pending technology, invented by electrical and computer engineering assistant research scientist and alumnus Dr. Mehdi Kalantari, will detect strain, deformation, and cracks forming in structures, and provide early warnings when problems arise. here. download.

05/09/2008: Resensys wins university of Maryland Business Plan Competition

The UM $50K Business Plan Competition promotes the commercialization of innovative ideas and University-created technologies by offering faculty, students, and alumni prizes for the best new venture plans. here. download.