Monitoring Bridge Piers with Resensys High Precision Wireless Tilt SenSpot Sensors

Resensys structural health monitoring (SHM) solution can be used for monitoring tilt of bridge piers to ensure the integrity and safe operation of the structure. Change in tilt can happen as a result of settling, deformation, or permanent change in loading. Resensys high precision wireless tilt sensors detect and report any unhealthy change in tilt that may affect overall safety of the structure.

Resensys wireless high resolution tilt (inclination) sensor

Wireless SenSpot sensor is a versatile sensing and wireless communication platform for long term structural health monitoring; SenSpot sensors are capable of monitoring strain, vibration, tilt, inclination, displacement, temperature, and humidity. Precision tilt SenSpots are suitable for monitoring operation of bridge piers by measuring tilt of piers with arc second accuracy. Using this technology; movement, settling, deformation and over-tilting of bridge piers are detected at an early stage, before it becomes a major issue and leads to safety compromise and/or road closure.

Resensys wireless monitoring solution for monitoring bridge piers integrity agaist possibledeflection

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