Structural Health Monitoring

Resensys offers a cost-effective, easy-to-install, wireless sensor system for structural health monitoring. Our solution can be used for maintenance-free long-term monitoring (several years, decades) or short-term monitoring with our small wireless devices known as SenSepot sensors. The flexibility of our wireless solutions allows us to extend the range of our applications and even customize the sensors to the clients' need.Resensys wireless structural monitoring solution for monitoring displacement, temperature and humidity, and tilt in concrete walls and slabsOur structural health monitoring solution consists of a variety of SenSpot sensors from strain, tilt, vibration, fatigue, corrosion, displacement, humidity and temperature sensors all provided in our wireless SenSepot sensor. We provide a real-time data at the comfort of the office or any location desired. There are several unique features which distinguish our sensors from other products. For example, our precision tilt sensor provides a highly accurate measurement such that it detects tilting as small as 0.001 degrees (3 arc sec), which can be used to monitor settling, or tiny movements, etc. Analyzing and remote access of collected data from our SenSpot sensors allows our customers to get alerts if certain thresholds are exceeded. As another example, our humidity and temperature sensors provide information-rich localized data-set which helps predict building zones or locations prone to growing mold. The flexible design of the sensor with a variable length sensing probe in such sensors provides the flexibility of measuring humidity and temperature in hard to access places of a building (e.g., behind drywalls, conduits, attics, etc.).