Current Openning:  Telecommunications Engineer

Duties: Develop firmware for wireless structural monitoring systems for broadcasting low power short range signals; develop TCP/IP enabled programs for remote communication with Resensys structural monitoring systems installed in the field; test and integrate remote communication gateways that use WIFI or cellular services for communication; prepare documentation and operation instructions for the remote communication and database system; perform data validation.

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About Resensys:

Resensys LLC was founded in 2008 with the mission of protecting infrastructure systems against aging and structural malfunction. Resensys offers a cost-effective and scalable solution for real-time and long term monitoring of bridge piers, bearings and expansion joints and bridge spans. The solution incorporates novel sensing technologies, ultra energy efficient processing, and wireless communication into a small, wireless, easy to attach sensor. Several important quantities such as strain, stress, displacement, vibration, tilt, inclination, deformation, humidity, and temperature can be measured using the Resensys technology. Resensys has won several prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Awards, as well as other recognitions including Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) Award, Vodafone Wireless Innovation Project Award, and Prince George County Business Development Award.